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Read my new article on TeachWell!

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve join the writers at TeachWell, and my first article was published on Friday! TeachWell is an online site with articles aimed at helping private instructors. My article is about my “Memorization Challenge” – a month-long period when I challenge my music students to memorize 3 or more songs. I have several more articles

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New song… “Shake It Up”

If you follow my Twitter feed, you might note that I’ve been a bit upset with the fact that we just elected a president that the Ku Klux Klan supports. I’ve written 3 songs in the last 2 weeks, and wanted to share one with you.  I’ve been thinking about an idea that I’ve heard a lot in the past

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An Anniversary, Gratitude, and Summer plans

This morning I received an email from Kickstarter reminding me that it’s been a year since my album project was successfully funded.  Making Water, Ashes & Wood was an amazing experience, and the album has opened the doors to so many performance opportunities.  I’m so grateful to everyone who supported it.  I’m still working on the last of the rewards

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