piano_1_smlI provide instruction in piano, guitar, mandolin and ukulele in downtown McMinnville, Oregon. Lessons are held year round, and students can start at any time, but openings for new students tend to be available in September, January, and throughout the summer. My teaching schedule fills up quickly, so if you are interested in lessons starting within the next 6 months, contact me for current lesson time availability.


teaching philosophy

I think music is an integral part of life, and I believe that love and appreciation for music can be deepened by a good learning experience. The discipline and skills learned from the study of music can also help students excel in other areas of life.

I work with students from age 6 on up, and enjoy working with adults students at all experience levels. I’ve found a great deal of difference in how various students learn best and so I use a variety of method books and teaching approaches (although I do have some favorites). I focus on learning how to read music right from the start as I believe that a solid foundation of reading and music theory enables students to get more from their study. I also focus on practice techniques so that students can get the most from their study.

As a teacher I try to be nurturing while still seeking excellence from my students. I balance constructive critiques with praise for each student’s effort and improvements, and I try to make the lessons enjoyable for everyone involved.


Please email me at music at valblahadotcom or contact me by phone at 971 237 7576.