Val Blaha is a musician, teacher, songwriter, poet, playwright and artist. Her heart lies with melody-driven Americana and folk music. Influenced by Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, the Indigo Girls, Emmylou Harris, and Nanci Griffith, Val’s lyrics are the heart of her music. She has released several solo albums including Fact or Fiction, Water, Ashes & Wood, and Find the Beauty, and her songs have been played on independent folk radio stations in the US and abroad. Her latest solo album World on Fire was released in 2019, and she completed the first draft of her musical Ruby Sneakers in 2023. Read more about Val…


  • Welcome, and reflections on writing.

    I’m very excited to share my new and improved website, and to return to posting here. You may notice that I haven’t posted in quite a while. Like everyone…

  • August 2020

    So, I’ve not been updating here much this year, mostly because I haven’t had much to say about my music. I’ve had plenty to say about many other topics,…

  • Prayers & Platitudes

    A year ago today, I came downstairs and greeted my husband like on any other morning. The first thing he said was “You’re not going to like the news…

  • It’s Banned Book Week!

    Week 1: The Story of the Song: Open Up So, inspired by a band that I like (The Lost Immigrants), I’ve decided to write a post a week to…

  • water wheel and river

    So. Much. Inspiration.

    Last year I attended the Sisters Folk Festival for the first time. I was completely enthralled by the event. The fantastic performances, beautiful venues, friendly people, and wonderfully inclusive…

  • Release day is here!

    World on Fire is officially available today! Can’t wait for you to listen!



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