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I realize I have not been so faithful about posting updates here, and promise to do better in the future!

I want to thank all of my friends, family members, and new friends/fans who showed up to shows last year… one of the best things about playing music is seeing people enjoying the songs… I’m looking forward to many more performances this year!

Between teaching and performing, 2011 kept me very busy. One of the highlights was performing with the Noble Gases, in July at Celebrate Hillsboro, right after getting off a train from California!

Another highlight was focusing on songwriting… I now have quite a few original songs, several of which I recorded this week at Double D Music in McMinnville. I’ll probably post some here on this site, and I’m also looking into other avenues to make MP3 files available. I’ll have CDs available soon as well.

I have weekly gig at Earth Oven Pizza in Hillsboro (next to MIR Music)… I’ll be there from 4-5pm most upcoming Saturdays. It’s a wonderful opportunity to refine my songs and sing for local friends and family.

Another exciting new development is my musical partnership with Ken Rynearson. Ken is a consummate musician and a great guitarist, and we’re working on a fun set which includes some country tunes, originals, and Latin-rhythm songs. Be sure to check my Calendar as I’ll post when Ken will be joining me.

Lastly, Top Hands is still going strong. We performed most recently at a Christmas party, and at Zippy’s in Yamhill. Stay tuned for an announcement about a show at the Pelican Pub in Pacific City.


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