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Prayers & Platitudes

A year ago today, I came downstairs and greeted my husband like on any other morning. The first thing he said was “You’re not going to like the news from Thousand Oaks today”. (It’s the town in California where I grew up, and my parents were still living there.) The first thought I had was that there had been yet

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It’s Banned Book Week!

Week 1: The Story of the Song: Open Up So, inspired by a band that I like (The Lost Immigrants), I’ve decided to write a post a week to share a little about the origins of each song on World on Fire. In honor of banned book week, I’m starting with “Open Up”. I wrote “Open Up” about 2 years

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So. Much. Inspiration.

Last year I attended the Sisters Folk Festival for the first time. I was completely enthralled by the event. The fantastic performances, beautiful venues, friendly people, and wonderfully inclusive spirit all combined to convince me that this was the festival I needed to be attending. And I knew about the songwriting camp that precedes the festival every year, but as

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