Big news… new teaching studio in McMinnville!!

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I’ve been doing a lot of performing during the past year, and a few months ago, someone asked if my plan was to stop teaching at some point, and just perform instead. I actually really love to teach, and stopping is the furthest thing from my mind!! I definitely see the 2 activities as complementary, especially since my students are so inspiring to me…

I’ve had the great pleasure of teaching music at Double D Music in McMinnville for almost 2 years. (Before that, I rented space at the First Baptist Church.) Sadly, Double D is closing its doors at the end of May, so I had to find a new place to teach. I signed a lease today for my own studio space on Third St., and I’m very excited for the new space!

My long term plan is to start a cooperative teaching studio with teachers instructing on a variety of instruments, but for now, this will enable me to stay in McMinnville, and add some new students. I still wish that Double D wasn’t closing, but I’m looking forward to this new chapter of my career.

(PS – I’m still teaching in Hillsboro 2 days a week at MIR Music…)

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