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It’s been quiet around here lately. Quiet, but busy as I prepare for the holidays with my family, and continue teaching all of my wonderful students. I’ve also been writing more songs, and starting preparations for a new album to be recorded in 2014. I’m really excited for this project, and especially to have additional instruments (fiddle, lead guitar…) fill out the arrangements on my songs. It’s going to take a small chunk of money though, so I’m working on putting together a Kickstarter campaign for late winter. More details soon.

Upcoming gigs: the weekend of January 31 and February 1st – I’ll be at The Horse Radish in Carlton that Friday night, and at Earth Oven Pizza on Saturday night. With Top Hands both nights, but I’ll also be doing a solo set. So mark those calendars, and keep checking back as I’ll be updating with more shows soon.

Happy holidays to all of my fans, friends and family!!!


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