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The CD Release party was a great success!! We packed the venue (The Horse Radish in Carlton, OR), and had so much fun. I was truly impressed and grateful to my awesome backing band (Tim Connell/mandolin, Joe Aloia/bass, and Theresa Riccardi/drums)… we had not rehearsed all together prior to the show, but everyone is a total pro, and I can honestly say we rocked the house!

I’ve spent the last week getting the Kickstarter rewards out to backers around the country. It’s been fun to send these little packages of love to places as far as Vermont, and to make home deliveries to friends as close as McMinnville, Oregon! Nearly all are out the door, so if you don’t receive a package and were expecting one, drop me an email (music at valblaha dot com) as I’m missing addresses still for a handful of backers.

The official release date is 1/5/15, so starting then, the CD will be available for sale via my website (look for an update to the Store page coming soon). If you happen to be in McMinnville, Oregon, you can currently buy a CD at The Velvet Monkey tea shop (a wonderful place which is downstairs from my teaching studio). Starting in January, the cd will be for sale at several venues in Oregon, including MIR Music in Hillsboro, and Valley Emporium in Carlton.

The digital album is currently available for digital presale at Amazon and iTunes.

And, you can now stream 5 songs at Folk Alley!

I’m going to be starting a recurring blog post feature where I talk a little about the inspiration for some of my songs (both on the new album, and other ones!), so check back soon for that. Also, I’ll be adding new gig dates soon…stay tuned!

xo, Val

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