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Halloo, all! It’s been quiet on here, although not so quiet around my farm. 2018 will bring some big personal changes, so I’ll share a bit with you here…

I’ve had the great fortune to live on a beautiful rural property for the past 15 years. It’s been both an inspiration and a lot of hard work. Sadly, our time here is coming to an end. For some personal reasons, we’ve made the decision to sell the property and move into town. I’ve made my peace with the idea of this change, and truthfully, I’m ready to go!

The down side of the move is that it’s taking up a lot of time and energy. So I made the decision to cut way back on performances this year. I still plan to do some summer shows (like Troon Tasting Room in Carlton on July 14!)  But my primary plan is to get the move done and get settled in our new home, and take some time to write some new material, and then hopefully do some more recording in the fall or winter.

My duo (Luminous Heart) is also taking a hiatus for much of this year. My awesome duo partner Jamie also has a lot keeping her busy right now, so rather than booking a lot of shows, our plan is to do some more writing and arranging.

So, my gig calendar will less full in 2018 (although I am planning to book a handful of summer shows). But… for those of you in the McMinnville area, I’ll have a special announcement coming soon about something that I’ll be taking part in this spring (in April and May). Stay tuned, and I’ll post details when I can!

As always, thanks for supporting my music!


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