Album pre-sale goes live Tuesday at noon!

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I’m super excited to announce that the official pre-sale event for my new album World on Fire starts today!

All the details are on the video (and snippets of several songs from the album, for those who can’t wait to hear them!), but here’s the basic scoop… I’m asking my community of fans and friends to buy the album during the pre-sale to help me with the cost of getting the album on cd, and also to help with other costs such as videos, promotion, etc.

In return for participating in the pre-sale, supporters will be the first to listen and receive the full album, plus CD-level backers and more will get some sweet secret swag. And backers at the digital level and up will be invited to a special party this fall! And did I mention… all CDs will be signed by me, and will come with an extra download code, so you can share the album, or just double dip with a CD and digital copy!

So, watch the video to hear some sweet tunes and find out more about the backstory of the album, or just head on over to my shop to order the album now! We’ll have more details about the timeline for the digital album soon, but we’re planning to have CDs ready by August 10th or sooner.

P.S. For those of you who are old school, and don’t engage in the Paypal, you can just email me your pre-sale order at music at valblaha dot com and we can work out an order the old-fashioned way! I’m just looking forward to getting the music in your hands and into your ears!

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