Sharing my Kickstarter update from June 11th…

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Oh my goodness, this has been a crazy few weeks. Actually a crazy few months! We started working on the Kickstarter project back in January, and then went live with it in May. And I’ve been working on the songs even longer! So it’s hard to believe that we are finally here, ready to move forward with the creative side of this musical project.

Backer count: 85 wonderful humans!

I am so impressed and awed and grateful for the response and the pledges. All those pledges! And those who upped their pledges! And the sharing… so many people shared the link, and I know that made a difference. I’m also grateful for the folks who couldn’t utilize the Kickstarter platform to make a pledge, but went out of their way to send a direct contribution. Each and every one of you made a big difference, and I thank you for that.

In the final few minutes of the campaign, I sat down and wrote out all the backer’s names. Not because I needed to, but just because I wanted to sort of viscerally feel the weight of this community. And to reflect for some moments on each of you. I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness and gratitude lately, and I really think that projects like this (crowdfunded projects) are a great way to spread kindness in the world, and kindness certainly seems to be something we need more of. I know that I will go forward as a kinder and more grateful person after the past month.

The super fun work starts now!! I get to revisit and arrange all the songs for the album and get rough audio files and sheet music to the other musicians so they can prepare for their time in the studio (scheduled for dates throughout late July and mid August).

The journey is going to get very exciting! Thank you to you all for helping make it happen.

love and peace,


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