Val/ August 5, 2014/ musings, upcoming performances, updates

This past July has to go on record as being one of my busiest ever! Between family vacation in early July, a couple of nights in Willamina for the Wildwood Music Festival (just as part of the audience, although I’d love to play there!), several days in the recording studio, and Pickathon music festival this past weekend (I’ve attended and volunteered 15 out of 16 years!), it feels like life has been non-stop. Because in between all of that, I’ve taught students, balanced checkbooks, played with my son, went grocery shopping, packed and unpacked (3 times), and have done all the other little things that make up a life. I’m exhausted, but also quite exhilarated…

So, the recording project! It is moving along quite excellently. Tim Ellis did the rhythm guitar work a couple of weeks back, and he was truly amazing. So much so that I’ve asked him to come back at the end of this week to add some lead guitar work). Joe Aloia and Theresa Riccardi came in to do the bass and drum parts a week ago, and their contributions were huge. This week all the solo work will be done. Tim Connell (mandolin) and Sharon Donaldson (violin) will be recording in addition to Tim Ellis, myself on piano, and a special guest artist who shall remain a surprise for a few more days. Let’s just say, he’s an awesome banjo and slide guitar player. Then we’ll have more edits, and I’ll do my final vocals around August 20-21. It’s great to see these 11 songs take shape, and I’m really looking forward to all the lead instrument parts to come this week!

That’s the news from here… I’ll post pics and updates at the end of the week.

PS – In between everything else, I am playing a handful of shows this month. Tomorrow (Tues Aug 5) from 6-7:30, I’ll be at the Walters Cultural Arts Center in downtown Hillsboro. And on Saturday Aug. 16, I’ll be back at the One Horse Tavern in Gaston.