New song… “Shake It Up”

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If you follow my Twitter feed, you might note that I’ve been a bit upset with the fact that we just elected a president that the Ku Klux Klan supports. I’ve written 3 songs in the last 2 weeks, and wanted to share one with you.  I’ve been thinking about an idea that I’ve heard a lot in the past few months… throwing a “monkey wrench” into US politics by voting for an “outsider” who will “shake things up”. Most recently I heard someone say this on an NPR interview (they were talking to voters from Ohio, about the problems with their economy, and why they voted they way they did.)

Also, I studied anthropology, and the idea of “cultural relativism” has been floating around in my head… how liberals are accused of “accepting” too many behaviors, but now we are supposed to accept the behavior of our president-elect.

And with the stage set, here’s a rough cut of “Shake It Up“.

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